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Ø250 Diamond Sanding Discs for Floors

Top Quality Discs at Budget-friendly Prices

Selection of aggressive, efficient and durable sanding and grinding discs, which ensure that you can succesfully take on most sanding and grinding jobs. The discs are individually balanced for enhanced comfort with less vibration.
Suitable for all common Ø250 machines, as CB12, CG81, Hoff and Blastrac BG 250.

See the table below for variants and article numbers.

iTOOLS,, Phone: +45 53 53 33 15


Article Number Variant
106240 iTOOLS Diamond Disc Ø250 mm, G20 Medium floor
105080 iTOOLS Diamond Disc Ø250 mm, G20 Soft floor

Nikolaj Nielsen

Export Manager

+45 50 51 89 22

Anders Winther

Sales Manager

+45 28 12 90 89