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Experience the AIR+ Advantage

The AIR+ Smart Mask is the world's first disposable mask, using a active ventilator to prevent the build-up of moisture and CO2. Moisture-levels are reduced by up to 40% and CO2 is expelled from the mask, so that you avoid the headaches, dizziness and the general feeling of being unwell that often accompanies wearing a disposable mask. 

Conventional disposable masks get hot and sweaty with prolonged wear. The AIR+ Active Ventilator ensures that the average temperature inside the AIR+ mask is up to 4oC lower than in a conventional disposable mask. So you can wear the mask for longer without it feeling uncomfortable. The mask can be adjusted to fit your facial shape adding to your level of comfort.

The AIR+ Active Ventilator is easily re-charged via micro-USB. A full charge from empty takes 1.5 hours for 4 hours of active usage, giving you plenty of time to enjoy fresh, cool air while you work. The Micro Ventilator is wipe-clean and designed for daily use.