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iTOOLS - Intelligent Tools at Work

iTOOLS - Intelligent Tool- and Safety Solutions for Craftsmen and Industry

At iTOOLS we have a mission. We want to ensure that craftspeople and industrial companies at any time have access to intelligent tool- and safety solutions, which make work easier, more efficient and not least safer for the user. 

We live that mission every day by offering solutions we either designed and produced ourselves or which we distribute for partners who like us strive to offer high-quality intelligent, user friendly solutions.

We are inspired by Bionics
Bionics are about using nature as a source of inspiration for the development of design and products. We have chosen to illustrate this through the use of the hexagon, which as a shape belongs to some of the best engineering originating in nature - snowflakes, beehives and cuman cells are all based on this shape. 

We started with a single item number. Now we have thousands

It all started with a floor hammer in 2004. The goal was a solution, which would make it fast, easy and comfortable for craftspeople to lay a floor. The result was a solution where the craftsman, while in a statnding position, can hammer floorboards into place. 

From there we developed our product portfolio, which today contains a wide and deep selection of quality products.

Do you have a good idea?

If you have an idea, which you would like us to realise for you, or if you are interested in our products or in partnering with us, please feel free to contact us.


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