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iMIX DIssolver for a Perfect Mixture

iMIX DIssolver for a Perfect Mixture

The ultimate mixing solution for all viscous materials.

Nobody wants lumps in their sauce. That’s why the special design of the dissolver disc comes from the food industry, where thorough mixing of ingredients is essential.

Neither does anyone want lumps in screed or paint, which is why iTOOLS now offer the first dissolver system in the building industry!
Simply click the dissolver disc (2 sizes available) onto the mixing shaft for the most efficient and thorough mixing.

Mixing shaft fits in a 13 mm drill chuck.

Perfect for
• Paint and oil
• Polyurethane
• Epoxy
• Tile adhesive
• Levelling compound/screed
• Wall screed (runny)
• Ceiling screed (runny)
• Microcement
• and much more

• Gives a perfect result
• Minimum splashing
• Air bubbles almost eliminated = fewer pin holes
• Easy to change
• Fits all 13 mm drill chucks

Watch the video and see the dissolver discs, mixing shafts and all our other mixing tools here