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AIR+ ACTIVE Mini ventilator

No More Wet Masks with AIR+
AIR+ is the world's first disposable mask with a rechargeable ventilator, which is easily attached and extracts moisture, heat and CO2 from the mask. 
The AIR+ ventilator keeps the mask  cool, dry and free of CO2 for four hours with every charge.
Removes Moisture
Reduces the relative humidity within the mask by up to 40%
Prevents CO2 Build-up!
Extracts carbon dioxide from the mask, so you keep a clear head and avoid discomfort and headaches.
Keeps you cool and fresh
Reduces the temperature in the mask by up to 4°C..
Increases Efficiency and Delivers Savings
With an active ventilator you increase work efficiency and use fewer masks on a daily basis.
The ventilator keeps the disposable mask dry and CO2 free for 4 hrs per charge. Charging time is 1.5 hours. The ventilator can be partially charged during breaks.
CE EN149
Article Number: 700090

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