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AIR+ FFP2 Mask w. Valve 10 pcs. – Foldable

No More Wet Masks with AIR+
AIR+ is the world's first disposable mask with a rechargeable ventilator (Article Number 700090), which is easily attached and extracts moisture, heat and CO2 from the mask. 
The AIR+ dust mask fits tightly and securely on all facial shapes, ensuring that you avoid steamed up glasses or safety goggles. The mask is comfortable to use due to the soft materials and padded alu-nose clip.
Removes Moisture
Reduces the relative humidity within the mask by up to 40%
Prevents CO2 Build-up!
Extracts carbon dioxide from the mask, so you keep a clear head and avoid discomfort and headaches.
Keeps you cool and fresh
Reduces the temperature in the mask by up to 4°C..
Increases Efficiency and Delivers Savings
With an active ventilator you increase work efficiency and use fewer masks on a daily basis.
Ergonomic Fit
Developed to be both comfortable and close fitting on all facial shapes.
The Mini Ventilator
The tiny ventilator is attached to the disposable mask quickly and simply with just one click. Weighing in at just 19 grams you do not notice that you are wearing it. The ventilator keeps the disposable mask dry and CO2 free for 2.5 hrs per charge. The ventilator can be partially charged during breaks.
Delivers FFP2 protection against airborne oil and non-oil particles.
CE EN149
EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR
Article Number: 700000




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