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"Now I can use the mask all day”

"Now I can use the mask all day”

"Now I can use the mask all day”

Floor sander Claus Stephansen, from the flooring company Kim Gulvmand in Aarhus, Denmark, has noted that there is also a big financial reward in using the new AIR+ disposable dust masks.

“Normally, I can only manage to use a disposable dust mask for up to two hours. By then, it is so dirty, horrible and annoying to wear that I throw it out. But it’s different with AIR+ and the ventilator. It isn’t just more pleasant to wear, but it also keeps so “fresh” and dry that it can easily be worn all day long.”

Claus Stephansen works every day surrounded by dust from sanding down wooden floors and is, therefore, dependent on a dust mask that is both easy to handle and pleasant to wear at the same time as being a financially feasible solution.

“The system with the little ventilator means that the total consumption of disposable dust masks in the company has fallen considerably, and the investment in the ventilator has been quickly recouped. We now have a better working environment and a higher working efficiency as two free added bonuses.”“ says Claus Stephansen.

AIR+ is the first disposable dust mask in the world with a re-usable ventilator, which removes moisture, heat and CO2 from the mask.


Extra Comfortable Fit
The fit of the mask is designed in such a way that the AIR+ disposable mask fits tightly and securely on all facial shapes, ensuring that you avoid steamed up glasses or safety goggles. The mask is comfortable to use due to thesoft materials and the padded alu-nose clip.

Foldable Mask
Fits in your pocket, where it is protected and ready for use.

Easy to Adjust
The elastic strap runs all the way through the mask, so you simply and easily can adjust the entire mask with a single pull.

Extra Safety
Newly developed and patented exhalation valve, giving you increased safety; the valve closes at every inhalation – no matter your working position.

The Mini Ventilator
The tiny ventilator is attached to the disposable mask quickly and simply with just one click. Weighing in at just 19 grams you do not notice that you are wearing it. The ventilator
keeps the disposable mask dry and CO2 free for 2.5 hrs per charge. The ventilator can be partially charged during breaks.

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